The Aging Face


The Aging Face


Anti-Aging Treatments

Aging Face

Though aging is unavoidable, that doesn’t mean you have to submit to the esthetic effects of the aging process. We believe every person deserves a youthful, beautiful, confident smile, regardless of age. With our advanced technology, vast array of dental health services, and anti-aging dentistry techniques, our team is committed to helping you achieve the smile you deserve.

How Does a Smile Age?

An aging smile is a natural process; as you age, teeth can become shorter from years of wear and tear. Your jaw position can also change, particularly if you’ve lost one or more teeth, and the less prominent structures around your oral cavity will cause a somewhat sunken appearance, known as facial collapse. Issues like gum disease, severe tooth infections, and more can also become more of a risk as you grow older and your immune system grows weaker.

What Is Anti-Aging Dentistry?

Unlike conventional cosmetic work, like plastic surgery, we work from the inside out to ensure that your smile is first healthy, then beautiful. By building up your healthy tooth structure with innovative treatments, such as veneers or tooth bonding, we can improve fullness and smooth wrinkles and folding around your smile. In fact, patients are often surprised at the amazing results cosmetic dentistry provides without the need for dermal fillers and other anti-aging techniques.

What Can I Expect?

To rejuvenate your smile, we will create a treatment plan that addresses your issues conservatively, and step-by-step. We look at your entire facial structure as a whole to determine the best treatments for creating facial harmony and symmetry. We also examine the health of your teeth, gums, and oral structures to determine if an appropriate restorative procedure is required, such as dental fillings, root canal therapy, gum disease treatment,  or treatment for bruxism or TMJ disorder.

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