Elements of Smile Design


Elements of Smile Design


Designing Your Ideal Smile

Elements of Smile Design

Just like the principles and elements of design that go into visual art, such as paintings and sculptures, creating a smile is an art that requires its own unique set principles and design elements. For instance, we will look at your overall build and the way your facial features compliment it to determine the best options for improving your smile. In addition to the appearance of your teeth and gums, we also take into consideration;

  • Face shape
  • Age
  • Skin tone
  • Lip fullness, shape, and mobility
  • Tooth display, color, and size

What Are My Smile Design Options?

Once we thoroughly understand your smile’s needs, including the ideal color, shade, shape, and contour of your smile, we will discuss your options. Depending on your smile’s needs, your smile design may include any of our numerous cosmetic and esthetic dentistry options, including;

What Are the Goals of Smile Design Dentistry?

While many of the elements of smile design are cosmetic in nature, a truly beautiful smile is one that is also strong and healthy enough to last for life. In addition to appropriate cosmetic and esthetic treatments, the goals of your smile design will be to help you maintain your smile’s health, function, and brilliance long after your smile makeover is complete.

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