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Advanced Dentistry

Our teeth and gums are often susceptible to serious issues, including periodontal disease, internal tooth infections, structural damage, or dental caries (cavities). In many cases, these dental problems increase the risk of tooth loss or disease. To maximize treatment, we offer advanced dental procedures that help improve the comfort, time-frame, efficiency, and success of your dental health care.

What is Advanced Dentistry?

Advanced dentistry involves using innovative technology to address a wide variety of dental health issues. Advanced dentistry may be necessary for patients with missing or damaged teeth, severe periodontal disease (periodontitis), or issues that require complex care and treatment. Following your diagnosis, one or more advanced techniques may be prescribed, such as;

What Are the Benefits of Advanced Dentistry?

Having a beautiful, healthy smile promotes better overall health and improves quality of life. For instance;

  • Without treatment, periodontal disease may lead to a number of uncomfortable symptoms and hinder the stability of your smile.
  • Damaged or decayed teeth will only grow worse and potentially develop an abscess, leading to intense pain, fever, and other symptoms of illness.
  • Tooth loss inhibits nutritional intake and strikes a blow at your self-image, leading many people to avoid social interactions when possible.

Restoring the health and appearance of your smile with La Verne advanced dentistry helps you smile with confidence and avoid the uncomfortable symptoms that often accompany serious dental health problems.

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